2-storey Lovely House Design with Four Bedrooms

Looking for more space? Here is a 2-storey lovely house design with four bedrooms. The ground floor composed of the living area with a wide sliding door at the main entrance. One bedroom is conveniently located at the ground floor which can be a master’s bedroom.
This is useful when owner’s get older, the bedroom at the ground floor will serve as a good area for the owner. Kitchen, dining and toilet and bath is also located in the floor.
The second floor consists of the 3 bedrooms (master’s bedroom with en-suit toilet and bath, two standard rooms with shared bathroom in between). At the master’s bedroom left side is an open terrace, very convenient to relax during the early morning or night with open view to the outside.

The concept consists of dark grey column accents, large pillars at the entrance, wide windows and spacious yard. The roofing can be galvanized iron with tile effect or ceramic tile itself as an option.

This house design is suited for medium to large family due to its size. Two storey houses are very efficient in maximizing space specially if you don’t have the luxury of space in your lot.

If you are looking for a simple and organized design, this floor plan is absolutely one to consider. Moreover, if you are looking for a budget house feel free to check this two bedroom bungalow design.

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